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The Journal Assessment and Rating Board of Research Publication Rating and Indexing (RPRI) Service comprises an active researchers and subject experts, all are selected from a pool of scholars who have made significant and well-recognized contributions to the field. They are highly educated subject matter experts belonging to various disciplines from all over the world. The board has been included all the members as per their application, and all the members agreed to work voluntarily. RPRI would not be able to do the work without our reviewer board members, our success lies essentially on reviewer board members. In 2023, our members provided 500 hours of reviewer effort! We are grateful for the work they do for review applications ethically.

As our applications are increasing day by day, we need more reviewers, especially with specific language knowledge. We invite all the experts to voluntarily join our Journal Reviewer Board, if interested, please submit your detail at Reviewer Board Membership Form available below. We request you to please read the roles and responsibilities of reviewer board members as stated below. You can check our current Journal Reviewer Board (June-2024 to May-2025).

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Contribute specialized knowledge and expertise in the relevant field or discipline by providing objective assessment of journals based on scholarly merit.
2. Review and assess journals according to predetermined criteria and standards by evaluating the quality, relevance, and impact of journal content, including articles, editorial processes, and overall publication practices.
3. Ensure that the assessment process maintains high standards of objectivity and fairness by identifying and addressing any potential conflicts of interest or biases that may influence the assessment.
4. Understand and adhere to the established guidelines, criteria, and standards for journal assessment by applying these standards consistently and fairly to all journals under review.
5. Complete assessments within established timelines to support timely decision-making by prioritizing and managing workload to contribute to the efficiency of the assessment process.
6. Provide clear and constructive feedback regarding journals under review by communicating assessment results and recommendations effectively.
7. Stay informed about current trends, developments, and best practices in research publication assessment and rating by continuously updating knowledge and skills to contribute to the improvement of the assessment process.
8. Maintain confidentiality regarding the details of journal assessments by handling sensitive information with care and ensuring that assessment details are not disclosed inappropriately.
9. Collaborate with other board members and stakeholders involved in the assessment process by contributing to discussions, sharing insights, and working collectively to make informed decisions.
10. Provide feedback to the board chair or organization overseeing the assessment process by sharing insights and recommendations for improving the assessment framework, criteria, and overall process.

Reviewer Membership Application Form

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I hereby declare that the above submitted all the information is correct for me, Here i am voluntarily applying to work as a member for Assessment and Rating Board of Research Publication Rating and Indexing (RPRI), the board can consider this online form as an application. I agree to follow all the rules, regulations and ethics defined by the board, also to maintain the confidentiality of all the data shared with me. I agree that the board has rights to terminate my membership any time without any reason and prior notice. I assure not to cause any activity which will harm the reputation of the board, for any such activity I will be fully responsible for any legal action.