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The journal assessment typically refers to the process of evaluating and analyzing scholarly journals to determine their quality, impact, and relevance in a particular field of study. This assessment is crucial for researchers, academics, and institutions to make informed decisions about where to publish their work or which journals to use as references. The RPRI provides free-of-charge journal impact factor and making easy for authors to recognise the journal quality.
Anyone can apply or suggest the journal for assessment and rating. The free-of-charge service takes 4-6 months to process as many journals applying.


As millions of journals are available globally, most are genuine but some are misguiding authors regarding the journal quality. For any entry-level researcher, it is very difficult to identify the genuineness and integrity of journals. The RPRI providing a list of assessed journals as per rating with detailed information. The RPRI Journal Search Tool provides a free-of-charge service to researchers/ authors for finding journals and recognising their quality.
Many researchers are using RPRI Search Tool for selecting journals hence for getting more research paper submissions it is important for journal publications to be listed on our web portal.


The RPRI operates in an open-access mode, i.e. it provides all the services free of charge. The open-access business model does not rely on end-users paying subscription fees to access services.
Here, we are charging the journal publishers for fast service of journal assessment and rating. We never accept any charge to operate journal assessment and rating, or any other malpractice. We hereby request journal publishers not ask for any such malpractice otherwise we will take judicial action against it..


The Research Publication Rating and Indexing (RPRI) is an international board of experts from various disciplines globally that assesses research and academic publications and rates them. The RPRI journal assessment and rating is a transparent and globally trusted assessment and rating process. The RPRI also provides an international platform that provides aggregated and validated information regarding many research and academic publications. The RPRI Journal Assessment and Rating Board assess the journal quality from various parameters. The assessment is for 100 points on which base the board rate the journal as RPRI Impact Factor. the RPRI Assessment and Rating Board have its own assessment methodology for the calculation of the RPRI Journal Impact Factor, it is available on the website.
The RPRI is a single platform that includes the aggregated information of thousands of journal publications. The RPRI is a trusted platform for searching and recognizing good quality journals for research paper publication as per various parameters and requirements, nowadays many researchers are using our journal searching facility for searching and recognising desirable and suitable journal publications. Therefore, to get an assessment of your journal by our board and to make your journal publication visible on our dashboard, please submit the following form to make us information available.

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